Monday, October 11, 2010

HELL - o final !

HELLo final. 
nice to meet you. 
i want to get rid of you from my life. 
is that possible? 
ai ai ` ` 

(very common word is this blog recently)
recently rarely online hoho
been watching movies
and believe or not, im studying
add math ofcourse
and tonight has start memorize sejarah

receive my lens today
also buy lens case
cute snoopy~
put so much effort to ware it >.<
so hard then suddently it went in
so EASY gehh !!!
ai yaa went in so easy 
no pain, no teary eyes no anything!

lately, soo hard uploading pics!
dont have any adapter
and dunno why lappy dont want to receive files from bluetooth

went melacca to shopping
eat eat eat
here :))

very delicious :)))))

inside it got sotong
also got prawns and whatever and so on =.="

and here
kenny rogers rosters :))

this one mine

nyum nyum 

actually main point is buy cloths for convo XD
but buy nothing
only got sakit lutut more
walk here walk there

only mama who really shopping
me only following her

fitting room~

she tried about THOUSANDS of shoes
but only few she like
but didnt buy any bcause this and that

at last
went home only with groceries =.="
i got coco crunch n yogurt XD


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