Thursday, September 23, 2010

i want to, but i cannot gehh

finally told abah about my new phone
but mama not yet

so scared >.< hishh

after a while my camera taken away from me
i cant camwhoring anymore
its because i forgot how to =.=" lame


dunno how to take picture as well
hand shaking a lot
maybe i used to use murah phone so didnt worry it jatuh or rosak

btw i give nadia to borrow my old phone
her's got stolen at library =.="

give back her's !!


suddently feel like to eat kfc heheh
after school abah drive to kfc 
before send Aina to Smart Readers :))

i never know her tuition is at Violette's =.="
always get the news late!

feeling like want to try contact lens
want to try freshcon first
the plain one
with power ofcourse :P

later i'll buy
when have $$


this sunday will go to hida's house
but have to be home on the same day
because on monday have to settle account assignment

at school
sir ask
'what is the blablabla'
we answer
'the villain trying to get the gatsby gold'
he ask
'under where?'

laugh so hard
till bell ring
still laughing while walking XD


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