Sunday, July 11, 2010

un - sleep - over

well harini hari sabtu . macam biase . lepak laa . tapi bukan kat Jasin . kat rumah Nad . dusshhhh ! rumah nad kat jasin la kan . kelubi to be exact . pukul 11 aku dah siap pakai tudung . ajak abah anta . abah malas ! well . kene la tunggu mama . about 12 baru mama balek . bla bla bla suruh aku makan dulu . pastu tunggu zohor la pulak . peghhh . memang HANGEN beb ! pukul 2 baru abah anta g umah nad ! bengang tak kalau camtu ?!

nadia and buddy pick aku kat depan umah nad . then sampai umah nad guess what ?! mereka semua sedang menari lagu korea ! very impressive doh . mereka boleh hafal step . and guess what . i recorded some of their movees . but they were all showing too many skin n hair . so , cannot lerr . andddd i found theres many doremon in her room . 

some of it

jeles jelesssss

then we ate ate ate n then we walk to aini's grandmother's house . to pick manggessssssssss . lotsa manggessss . 

oke . aku tukang kait
nadia tukang kutip
nad dan adek bradek tukang kutip
tysha tukang amek gamba
buddy tah le
aini . . .. . panjat pokok wehh!

random picture . try to find aini 

and so i continue kait manggess

while some of them were cam-whore-ing

and me also . oke . dont puke on your keyboard . i know im ugly

kait and kutip

and kait and kutip lagiii

dan inilah hasilnya . not this only laa . theres lots of it

nad is like
'makcik nak mangges sekilo !'

bahahahahahahah ! so today was a very unforgetful n shameful evening . im not sure whether 'shameful' word ever exist . hey ! its exist ! i just searched in the internet !

okay this week we went to Nad's house . next week who's ?

p/s ' i came home and found out that my mangges all lebam lebam . its because it fall . i totally forgot that mangges cannot fall ! guess i had to learn from mistakes . T___T


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