Wednesday, July 7, 2010

real update :)

first of all . the three people meeting SUCKSS ! instead of three , BOTH my parent came . really sucks . i've been lectured all day today . i promised to tell my result rite ? but i dont want to . the worst in 10 years of school life . heh . 

ok . enuf of this . lastt weekend we , my bro , mama abah n me went to a restoren [ HA-HA ] named asam pedas claypot . they said that the asam padas really nice . enuf pedas , enuf masam . haha . i dunno . i ate nasi goreng ayam . 

driver of the day

the asam pedas is in claypot . to keep it hot laa

heheh . the face is like 'menikmati kesedapan' the asam pedas . if u find me killed , u know who did it :D

theres no picture of me . as no one want to take it . everyone busy eat eat eat . T_____T

later we went to mbmb . and suprisingly theres many people there ! and more suprising is they were watching FIFA ! 

and ofcourse some of them were dating

people bersepah-sepah on the lantai . LOL

i didnt join watching the match . i sleep in the car . haha

oke . nak tidoooooooooooooo . gud nite n sweet dreams from me and my stuff toys :))

love-love-love-love-love-love-love you my stuff toys :))


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