Thursday, July 22, 2010

my friendship :')

well , its not that kinda long or old friendship , i just started close with them since March maybe ? dun remember =.="

kitorang suke beli something yang same untuk semua . like the bunny stickers yang ade kat calculator n hp kitorang :') . so sweet kan ? then tyra ade bagi hp strap yang same . thanks tyra . so sweet . and last week aku ade order barang kat cael dion . hp strap yang BAPAK besa . hihi . untuk aku n a true old friend , Aini . we're bestfriends since 6 years old . 

Smiley Hp Straps

thank you Flash for spoiling my pic :] and hide the price haha

price : rm9.90

Cute Erasers

price : lupe wehh

anddd ni Nad yang order but gune my membership card , for her n her's . [get it ? ]

tu je nak cite sobona eh . haha . thank you for your time fellas :]


diriku said... Reply To This Comment

he2..sehati sejiwa =]

~ainasniah~ said... Reply To This Comment

hihi , sweet kn ?

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