Thursday, July 29, 2010

gahhhh ! so tired !

buhahahahah ! im so happy this week . wanna know why ? because i followed Jonghyun n other SHINee members in twitter ! hurrrahhhhhh ! and i also bought a new pndrive . ive already got one which is 4bg only , but since this is NOT my lappy , i need a new n bigger pndrive to keep all my properties . especially my korean videos . so crazy about them . hihi

and i also bought this new bottle . very cute one :]

it is Rex from Toy Story 3 . im going to use it tomorrow . theres also woody in blue . buzz in sky blue , but i love rex although its green , but its a cute green . hikss

and i more thing that makes me happy is , all my BM essay which is tertangguh over 4 essay , is all done ! in 1 day . macam nak mati siapkan essay . if not , i'll kena rotan by cg Alex . T~~~T luckily aku berjaya siapkan

anddddd ayam's besday is today ! walaupun dah celebrate last saturday . hihi . this is what i gave her . 

there's 2 . 1 for me , n 1 for her. can u guess what its difference ?


hihi . very cute right ? especially the chick . chick = ayam . get it ? haha

anddd yesterday i clean up my roon n my memory board . n i think that is the time to throw away [ not mean by throw like buang , but like simpan ] old memories . haha . its like byebye old memories~

andddd hello new memories~

but theres also old stuff i stuck there just to add colours . can u see theres 'jonghyun' n 'kyuhyun' ? gaaaaah ! so crazy bout them , hihi . next time i'll stick SHINee's poster n jonghyun solo picture . huhaaaa

tonight i'll start cleaning up my soon-to-be room . sebab mama cakap better clean up noe before raya becuz theres must be a promo for the lemari , bed ect ect . hahaaa . clever cleverrr

ok . sooo tired yet sooo happy . want to rest n have a good day people !! 


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cantik template ni ..>.<

~ainasniah~ said... Reply To This Comment

haha . tnkiuu~

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