Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sometimes we lie to ourselves because the truth is really fuckin' hurts.

Stop trying to be better than everybody else. Just get better than you are now ok!

Friends are like blankets. They give warmth when everything else turns cold.

When someone loves you, you feel strength. But when you step out and love someone... that requires courage! 

Don't spend your time worrying about the relationship ending when you could be enjoying it. 

Music is an escape. Escape who you are, your tears, your fears, and forget what's wrong. -

Sometimes, the best way to stay close to someone you love is by being just a friend. Nothing more, nothing less

Don't make a special person miss you too much. Try to keep-in-touch coz missing often times leads to forgetting.

Sometimes laughing isn't something you do for fun. It's a relief when you have nowhere to run. 

Trust, promise, relationship, and heart. When they break, they don't make noise; but they hurt a lot. 

"I'M HAPPY FOR YOU" - thats the hardest lie you can say to a past someone who found a new person to love

12:27 pm - misscall from 062861356
sape ni ??

01:55 pm - enpon vibrate 
se-express mungkin aq tgk
rupenye kacang yang call
aq campak enpon atas rumput
bergolekgolek enpon tuh
mira yang pick up

05:06 pm - vibrate lagi
mama pulak
malas nak angkat

now - 09:03 - enpon dalam tangan
menunggu masa
sampai bila nak tunggu ??

nak ngadu macammacam ni . buat masa ni semuanya aku ngadu kat nadia and tyra and ayam . mereke amat paham aq . mereke gelak samesame . marah samesame . lapa samesame . dan nangis samesame . siyesly dowg paham aq . tapi sampai bile aq nak ngadu kat dowg ?? maybe dowg pon da x nak dga daa luahan aq . pe lg yg perlu aq luahkan ?? aq patut pendam je ape yang aq rase . ye . pilihan yang tepat . pendam je ape yang aq rase . n aq rase aq patut berubah . x perlu bg tau segalenye pd org laen . n i meant EVERYTHING in this case . pendam je . nak nangis , nangis sorang2 . x payah susahkan org lain . aku rase aku amat membebankan orang lain . and sekarang aq menunggu mase untuk delete blog . delete myspace . delete segale-galenye . 


aku dah xnak luahkan pa pe pade sesape dah . 

12:04 am - akhirnye die call
die cakap minggu lepas je 2 kali spotcek
so susa siket nak call
num public atas tuh tadi 
rupenye die 

jangan pakse diri untuk aku oke ??


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