Wednesday, March 24, 2010

true meaning to me

first of all
eppy besday dyla

sorry to say dila
 but i want to be ur last wisher
dont cry laa
just because he didn't wish ur besday
i think he's just wait for da rite time
or maybe he want to make a surprise 4 u

borak wif my gang
then saw my tyra n others
n leave my gang just like that
rase2 dowg kecik ati x ??
maybe yes
maybe not
which one ??

he still x tego i
u still mad at me huh ??
make me so uncomfortable laa

ran from koku today
so lazy to kawad
so hot
jgn harap aq nk  kawad tgh panas

early morning
add math lessons
so cold
fan at level5
flu running
thank God i wore tshirt inside
but still cold
my brain already freeze
cannot count any numbers
feels so dumb

why did u mention his name
make my wanna cry lor~
so sad
n hows ur anep ??
dont u ever clash !!

watched ninja assasin recently
rain was so hot
so cool~

still thinking about this weekend
ikot my mom ke x ??
ikot je laa
so bored
meet my kezen

this blog more to my diary act
who gonna read it
who gonna c0mment it
who gonna laugh at it
dont care
my blog = my diary = mine !!
not yours or yours or yours

will update again tonite



A[i]E said... Reply To This Comment

sorry for mention his name..
but for not breaking up wit hanif if my promise...
now,i'm waiting for him..

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