Tuesday, February 9, 2010

tag dari ELIESSA

bosan aa . tatau nk wt pe . xde feeling nk wt omwek . so blogjogging laa . n tejumpe this


1) Where is your cell phone?
tatau kt mane . x jumpe sejak semalam

2) Relationship?
hmmm... =P

3) Your hair?
short . black . messy

4) Work?
still student laa~

5) Your sisters?
one only . anggun =B

6) Your favorite thing?
my bear leper , blog , pensel tekan pilot shaker wane ijau da pakai 3 taon

7) Your dream last night?
xde mimpi pa pe p0n . tido mampos

8) Your favorite drink?
nescafe !!!!

9) Your dream car?
car.....none . moto ade laa . kawasaki ninja

10) Your shoes?
jalan or skola??
jalan xde
skola warrior jea

11) Your fears?
cekgu Sri!!

12) What do you want to be in 10 years?
engineer / acountant

13) Who did you hang out with last weekend?
x gi hangout pon . dudok ruma saje blaja men gitaa

14) What are you not good at?
SPORTS !! seriously... NOOB !!

15) One of your wish list items?

'sentiase senyum n gelak walau susa mane pon'
16) Where you grew up?
j 7946 kesang jaya 77000 jasin melaka

17) Last thing you did?
blogjogging =B

18) What are you wearing?
track suit , t-shirt PJ skolaa , bangle

19) What aren’t you wearing?
jam tangan , tudong , telekong

20) Your pet?
da mati laa

21) Your computer?

22) Your life?
enjoyable !! fun , happy , full of laugh

23) Missing?
my bro.. T__T

24) What are you thinking about right now?
answers for the next question
when will i start doing my homework its 9:00 p.m. already!!
when we[my geng] will hangout together

25) Your car?
dun have laa . i'm a STUDENT okeyh!!

26) Your kitchen?
mine?? wait till i got my own house laa

27) Your favorite color?
BLUE [doraemon] , purple , white , black

28) Last time you laughed?
last time.......at school . with my fren

29) Last time you cried?
dun remember . i've been so happy now =D

30) Love?
my family . myself . 

31) So who wants to share their ONEs?? How about?
?? ur point is......??


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