Monday, October 12, 2009

review my fav. MANGAKA

Okay, since this post is only about my favorite manga-ka, Usami Maki-san (and others) and since this post in international, I'll write in full english[with a lil bit of Malay ofcourse]!



~name- Usami Maki
~DOB- 13 January . 19xx
~pob- Osaka
~blood type- B
~debut-First comic called "Great Song" sold on 5 October 1998 through Deluxe Shojo Comics

* Now active doing comics for Betsucomi.


~ Bus For Spring
~ Caramel Milk Tea
~ Sakura Rythm
~ Orange Kiss
~ My Venus Lady
~ Kanon
~ Living in A Happy World

Her artwork is just beautiful and cute. It can raise up mood in her comic. I really love her comics. Mainly about shoujo comics, yea, dramas and romances, but I really really like her comics!

Her comics usually revolves around high school students life. If you want your memories about past, present and future school life.

this is an example pic from Bus For Spring


uhm...this manga-ka is a HE...actually...and sorry... i cant search for his profile n what i get is...


~born on 1st August 19xx
~blood type-O
~first debut-'mengintai busur beradu'
~zodiac sign-Leo

* Now active doing comics for Betsucomi.


~beast master
~gagahnya kelab manik
~penguin prince
~mengintai busur beradu

His artwork is also makes me feel like i'm the heroine of the story.Especially beast master(begin~end) and his hero is so cute !!and also his work is about high-school student life.


I dunno whether this manga-ka is a HE or SHE..and i also cant find his/her full profile..

~DOB -11 mARCH


~pelayan rahsia
~anti chocolate

in short,his/her artwork not-so bad but i dont like the hero in every his/her story cuz i got confuse by his hair with the heroine hair..haha..kinda funny..


this manga-ka is a HE. Ilove his work very smooth and sexy. his hero is very handsome.especially in The fishes AND lE. GARDENIE.


~le. gardinie
~the fishes

And now, Ben, has struck out on his own and is publishing his own Magazine, called Powder



~DOB-14 Novemmber
~blood type-O
~first debut-koi no hokasu pokasu
~now active with Ciao


~teman sang puteri
~cinta di burger time

Ahhh, another manga with an irresistable cover! What can I say, I like the idea of sitting there with two pet boys feeding me candy ^_- Yes, I bought this for the cover, but I also bought it for the author, Mai JINNA. Her artwork is always so darn cute! Her lines are clean and style simple, but it’s just so appealing!



~our local mangaka !!
~real name-Haryati Mohd Ehsan
~DOB-14 October 1983
~one of her art work is SUPERNATURAL a la anime
~her first debut is NEXT STATION
~ijazah sarjana muda[kelas pertama]Seni Reka Grafik Uitm
~anugerah pekomik 2009 finalist
~Malaysian 24 hours Comic Challenge 2007
~nescafe kick start 2005-second place

wow! i used about 1 hour to review SOME mangaka. but i'm happy for it.tho im having my PMR rite now.over all , all mangaka above is the best among the best. especially USAMI MAKI. u go girl ! i'm ur no. 1 fan ! woohoo !! my total collection of manga comics is about 85 books for now and i'm sure that i will not stop from collecting them from time to time..Those comics were available at OneManga, Mangafox, AnimeA, Mangavolume and many more online reading manga!and i used to buy these comics from seven-eleven / my stores.

okeh..thats it for time i want to review 'bout my fav. movie or song or whatever i love or maybe person !see ya !! wait till the next post !!


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